About Little Mama

I’ve been sewing literally as long as I can remember. My childhood sewing machine was this red plastic thing that had a real needle and electronic pedal. I loved it and spent many hours making things for my dolls. Of course, back then I had no concept of 3D and was always disappointed when the clothes wouldn’t fit my Barbies even though I’d carefully traced around their legs. My true joy came on my 10th birthday when my mum bought me a second hand Brother machine that had been used for lessons at the Ballarat Sewing Centre. I have no idea what model this machine was, but it was cream and blue, and had a big clunking knob for changing stitches. I loved it. I had it right into my 20s when I bought a computerised machine and then ultimately I got my Bernina 440QE when I discovered my love of quilting.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided I’d make one quilt, a knee rug, for lounging on the couch. That was about five years ago now and quilting has quite literally become the most important thing in my life after my family. I work, so I can afford to quilt. It is my true creative outlet but I am not a professional. I learn something new with every project and I like sharing that with all the other quilters of the world. Quilting is a great community thing so I encourage you to get involved with comments on my blog and Facebook page. 

I’m a language teacher. I have a Master in Applied Linguistics and we mostly speak French at home. My husband travels a lot for work but when together, we love cycling and other outdoor activities that allow us to enjoy the beautiful surroundings here in Canberra. Since moving to Canberra in 2012, we made a bad investment (bought a house destroyed by termites despite paying for a pest inspection) and lost all our money. Adversity makes you appreciate the simple things in life and we are truly fortunate. My children are 2 and 4 now, so I hope as they get older I’ll have more time for quilting!

Happy quilting to you all!

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