Friday, 16 September 2016

Scrappy quilt - lets get decorative!

I have always wanted to use my sewing machine for more than just basic stitching. My amazing Bernina 440QE has so many beautiful stitches and I've been on the lookout for the perfect project to use them. The answer - a scrappy block quilt in beautiful bold colours with decorative stitching over the seams. 

A quick sub-note here that these beautiful fabrics were purchased from the website Not only do they offer free shipping to Australia when you spend over $75 (amazing!) they also have a pretty good range of quilting supplies including pre-cut selections they put together themselves. My fabrics included lots of different ranges including Cotton and Steel which I just adore.

Armed with this design plan, I hit the cutting board and got organised. My first problem, I needed some muslin to use as the background fabric to stitch my cut pieces to and I didn't have any. Solution, I cut up one of the children's old cot sheets. It was perfect. Whilst not 100% cotton, it was thin enough to not add excess bulk but tough enough to stitch onto. Winner. 

I chose this pattern as I wanted a quick block. My previous project had taken ages to piece so this one was a perfect remedy. I was also very methodical with my piles of fabric so as to spread the colours evenly. This is how I put it together

  1. Place a square of fabric somewhere centre-ish on the square of muslin. This pattern works best if the block are NOT all the same.
  2. Stitch two triangles on opposite sides of the square. Press.
  3. Optional - I did decorative stitching along these seems using polyester embroidery thread.
  4. Attach another two triangles to the remaining edges of the central square. Press. Optional: stitch over seams as before.
  5. Trim blocks to 6 1/2"
  6. Join blocks, quilt as desired and bind.
The finished size of my blocks was 6". This was a really workable size and meant that I didn't have to do a lot of quilting. I just did a decorative wavy line over the main seams. I made my quilt 7 x 7 squares due to the amount of fabric I had and it ended up perfect knee rug size. This also meant I had a couple of blocks leftover - perfect for a quilt label. 

I was just so happy with the final product on this project. It was everything I wanted and I've kept all the little offcuts for further scrap busting projects. It probably also helps that I made this quilt for one of my closest, most supportive friends. Happy quilting! 

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