Saturday, 3 October 2015

Hubba Hubba Quilt Follow-Up

I first posted about this cute quilt back at the end of July (see here), but got busy with my special request quilt and working the new school term. Today however, I finally finished it and am ultimately happy with the results.
Seam pressing took forever!

Basically, I cannot believe so much effort went into making such a small quilt. It's about 40 x 60 inches which is fine for its destination, but this sort of fiddly piecing is not something I'm signing up again for in a hurry. I was so disciplined pressing all the seams the right way and 'pin wheeling' the bigger junctions. Despite all this, there are still many puffy seems on the quilt top that made the actual quilting quite difficult.

I chose to do an all over free motion pattern for this one and in hindsight, I think I made things a bit trickier than they needed to be. Given the thickness of some seams, I should have chosen a simpler, more geometric design. That all being said, the hot pink thread I used looks great and really gives the project a lift.

What did work really well on this project was that I was able to use the backing to do the binding due to the relative small size. It meant the binding took no time at all and I used a bit of a decorative stitch to add to the project theme - a quilt for a little girl.

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