Sunday, 13 September 2015

Special Request Quilt - Featuring Machine Embroidery and Appliqué

It happens every now and then, a good friend calls with a special request. Mine came last month in the form of a gift quilt for a lady who's family was in the midst of much turmoil. My friend lived far away and thought a quilt would be a nice way of sending them a warm hug. I agreed and got to work.

It's times like these that a good fabric stash comes in real handy. Some graph paper and a brainstorm later, and we were running. The 'client' has two young girls but my friend wanted a more timeless quilt that would grow with the children and appeal to the mother too. I decided to do a simple patchwork design accented with some designs done on my Bernina Embroidery Attachment. It took AGES to stitch out the 9 different designs (Ecco from Embroidery Online) but the result was well worth it. 

The quilt features 6"squares with 2" borders. In hindsight, I think the 6:2 ratio is a little unbalanced, I would have preferred a smaller border. Never the less, the quilt still looks great. The fabric is 'Weekends' by Erin McMorris for Freespirit Fabrics and I used some Kona Solids for the embroidery backgrounds. Once the embroidery squares were done the sewing of the quilt top didn't take so long and I used strips of the fabrics to make the backing colourful and interesting in its own right. 

The only real difficulty I found with this quilt was when it came to sandwiching. The quilt was about 62" square and I really struggled to find a surface big enough to get all the layers placed right. Check the photo for my creative table enlarger. 

To finish of the project I used Westalee Rulers to make a beautiful continuous rope on all the 2" strips. It really didn't take so long and once I got in the groove the rulers really made the process quite quick. The squares feature a combination of ruler designs and free motion quilting to highlight the beautiful fabrics. 

In my haste to get the quilt off to its new owners I forgot to take a proper photo - drat! But hopefully I can get one later down the track. What's most important is that the quilt was made with lots of love for people who need a little extra support right now. This is why I love quilting. I get to make unique and beautiful creations to bring joy to others. 

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