Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sewing through ones finger - A right of passage or what not to do?

I finally did it. I sewed through my finger today. Middle finger on my right hand. I was using a quilting ruler, it got a bit stuck on a seam, and in went my finger. Ouch! In fact it's not so bad. Only hurt really to start with. Very strange seeing an entry and exit point though. What worried me more was that I got a drop of blood on the quilt I was working on. All fixed now but it certainly added to the drama in my house this evening.

What I was wondering though, have I just passed some sort of sewing right of passage? Did I just earn my self a little quilting kudos? Or on the other hand, am I being a bit careless? The stupid part is that I own a special poking tool to keep those fingers out of the way. Add to that, yesterday I dropped my sewing scissors and stabbed another finger on the same hand. What's going on? I'm claiming sewing kudos cause I'll sure as anything be back on the machine in the morning!

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