Friday, 15 May 2015

Fabric addicts 101
I just love that feeling of having an idea for a new quilting or craft project, walking to the sewing room and having all the supplies there ready to go. It's easy and means you can take advantage of the inspiration at hand. That my friends, is why a fabric stash of reasonable size is a necessity of any serious or hobby quilter/crafter.

Is it possible to own enough fabric? And how on earth does one ever manage to stop buying it? I'm a money conscious mama - so I like to buy on sale. But as my husband likes to remind me, how much of a saving is it if that fabric just sits in a drawer. He just doesn't get it. How will I ever be inspired if I don't have pretty patterns to look at? And I will use it... one day...

I love the perfection of seeing folded yards of fabric and neat little fat quarters all in matching patterns and colours. Never be ashamed of your stash. I always think that there are worse things I could spend my (or my husbands) money on. And, perhaps more important than anything else; it makes me happy!

Where to buy?
So I've heard that fabric is about to go up in the USA. This will no doubt carry over here, especially with the low Australian Dollar. Never the less, the Fat Quarter Shop is a must visit website. It's important to buy up big to balance out the cost of postage, but that's not hard. Check out the sale items as you can filter by percentage off.

Closer to home, Craft Depot is a cracker. They have sales all the time and clear fabric for $5 and $10 per metre. The postage is reasonable and they ship really quickly. Get on their mailing list so you know when sales are on as right now, they have an extra 20% off all fabrics except the $5 ones. I may have bought nine metres of beautiful, modern florals.... on the spur of the moment.... whoops...

Got these during a precuts sale at Hobby Sew
Locally, I try to stay away from Spotlight and Lincraft unless I'm getting something simple or something that requires huge quantities. Unfortunately the nearest Spotlight to me is in NSW (across the state line) and the closest Lincraft is crazy small and completely disorganised. Thankfully, Canberra has a couple of smaller shops that have a fantastic range of fabrics. My favourite is Hobby Sew. Not only do they do online orders, but the store is jam packed with precious fabric. It also helps that the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. It's vital to be on their mailing list as they regularly put out catalogues with some great deals.

Please post pictures of your fabric stash. Where is it? In boxes? Oh shelves or in drawers like mine??

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