Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Kick Baby, Kick!

Any mother will describe to you the wonderful feeling of having a romping, kicking baby in her tummy. Those initial flutters are accompanied by great excitement that there has finally been a 'quickening' of the womb. Flutters soon develop into decent kicks and the fun and games of trying to identify body parts is on. I loved all manner of kicks during my first pregnancy. They were just a nice reminder that I really was going to get a baby at the end of all this. Now that I'm 27 weeks, the baby is getting lovely and strong. 

In complete contrast to my first pregnancy, this little girl's kicking has actually been disturbing my sleep. I can't understand how that is given I had no trouble at all sleeping when pregnant with my boy.  Over the weekend I found myself awake and 4:00am and 4:30am respectively, unable to get back to sleep due to the severity of the kicks. Is this normal? Shouldn't I just be able to sleep through them since last time? I really am not complaining. How could I? I have a teeny tiny little girl in my tummy who is growing and getting stronger ready to join our family. It's heaven. 

What do you think people? Any tips for calming a tossing tot in the middle of the night?