Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Dummies : Do they really pacify?

I recently visited a cousin with a gorgeous two week old baby girl. She was just precious and I was reminded of all the joy a new baby brings to a household. This darling girl uses a dummy (pacifier for my American readers) to help sooth at different times and I just couldn't let the opportunity go by without opening the can of worms here on the blog. Do dummies really work or are they more trouble than they are worth?

We used a dummy with Jack when he was a baby. To be fair I wish he had used one longer but when I changed to the bigger size at 6 months - we got rejection. We used orthodontic shapes (which I think they all claim to be these days) and enjoyed the easier sleep we achieved from the dummy's use. I also don't like the idea of babies sucking on their fingers and hands. I've become quite a 'whatever works now' type mother so dummies fit with my ethos. And as for worrying about trying to get rid or them later, why worry about something that might not even be a problem? Do you know any school children who still cart a dummy around? 

So let it rip on this controversial issue. Should I be stocking up on dummies for my new baby or just let this one go it alone??

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