Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Big Mama: An Inspiration.

Though she would swear black and blue it's not true - my mum is the most creative person around. If you'd asked me five years ago whether I was into quilting I would've laughed at you. Yet now it has become one of my greatest passions and I owe everything I know to Big Mama and her passion for perfecting new techniques.

Whilst I feel I have appliqué skills down pat, hand embroidery is something I still need to master. Mum made this little girls cot quilt years ago and I'm hoping to finally be able to use it this year. It's been carefully stored in my linen cupboard and taken out for a loving perusal every now and then. It's a bit hard to see the detail on the picture, but the complexity of embroidery is impressive. I love the little duck in the second frame which is all fluffy with hundreds french knots. Amazing.
Jack and the Beanstalk Growth Chart

It really is very difficult for me to choose a favourite piece of mums work. But one of my favourites is the personalised growth chart she made for Jack. With a name like Jack, nursery rhymes abound from which to choose an appropriate theme. Jack and the Beanstalk seemed like the perfect choice and she designed this entire chart herself. The details in the quilting really enhance the story being told in the appliqué and I just LOVE it. Jack also loves playing 'Where's the cow?' and quickly showing Mama where his cow is on the bottom of the chart.

The last Big Mama project I wish to feature is something quite remarkable. Whilst attending the Adelaide Craft and Quilting Fair in 2012, we were both taken by the amazing Gollyville 2 design from the Craft Cubby and with a rush of blood, bought the last kit they had onsite. Well if only Big Mama had known what she was getting herself in for. The detailed appliqué in this quilt really is amazing. The hours and hours she spent working on the quilt makes this piece priceless and a real family heirloom. The finished quilt hangs in my son's room and he loves picking out the various animals etc depicted in the vast landscape. Whilst I do feel my life could be in danger if I ever suggested she attempt a similarly enormous project, she did such an amazing job, it's a real complement to her dedication and amazing skills.
Gollyville 2

So as you can see - I have a high standard before me when I attempt my various quilting projects. However, this has only served to make me into a better quilter as I have gained an appreciation for attention to detail and love the challenge of perfecting new techniques along the way. My biggest problem, is that I just don't see how I will ever complete all the projects I have lined up in my lifetime. Too many quilts, not enough time. Happy Sewing Blog Readers and get that inspiration flowing!

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