Saturday, 18 January 2014

...and one makes four!

Pregnancy Announcement
That's right blog world, Mama is back and she's expecting again. Baby number two is 20 weeks in the oven and I'm very happy to be past that half way mark, though if my past pregnancy is anything to go by, this little one will come early too.

It shocks me that I have not written a post since Mother's day last year. How on earth could so much time have passed? Well I guess I was busy finishing off ½ a Masters degree and once that was done, I was so sick with being pregnant, every day revolved around looking after my now very busy toddler and not being sick on him. This meant not much creative cooking has been happening and my darling husband has been excellent at taking up my slack. Nevertheless, I have still found lots of time for sewing and other crafty pursuits. I made all my Christmas cards again this year and have been making the most of the summer uni recess to crack into some sewing. Here are some pants I made Jack last week and just yesterday I finished a cute maternity top/dress out of the same stretch denim fabric. We've also been having a very successful testing of Jack's egg allergy and he seems to be able to handle cooked egg. We've had lots of chocolate cake and he has even had quiche a few times. Very exciting. 

Hubby and I are very excited that we will soon be a family of four. But honestly, this pregnancy feels  like it couldn't be more different from my first. First of all I didn't think I was pregnant whereas last time I knew straight away from how I felt. Then once things got going, I was much sicker than last time. I never even vomited with Jack but during this first trimester, I could barely keep down my prenatal vitamins until my Doctor introduced me to my new friend maxolon. My body has also hit the changes hard, unlike last time. I already have enormous breasts and my tummy popped out within the first 10 weeks - at least my body knows what its getting itself into. 

So I have loads of pictures of my various craft projects waiting to be turned into blog posts. I hope to write them up over the coming weeks as I doubt I will have much time once the semester starts on the 6th March. It shall be interesting trying to fit an entire masters subject in before baby arrives early June! Shout out if you have any questions for little Mama and I hope 2014 finds everybody well. 

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