Wednesday, 13 March 2013

To Wean or Not to Wean

Is there any right answer to that question? The whole issue is causing me grief at the moment so I'm putting it out there: I think I want to wean my baby. He's almost 9 months old after all and is combination fed at the moment since I couldn't keep up with a growth spurt at the start of the year. I'm producing next to no milk, yet I still feel this horrible pressure to keep feeding him!

At a recent weigh in, baby Jack had dropped from consistently being on the 50th percentile for weight to the 25tth. Meanwhile he is still consistently 50th for length. I know the percentiles are only a guide, but a 25 drop is a worry to me. Add to that I'm coming out of a sinus infection a couple of weeks ago and currently have bronchitis - all contributing factors to perhaps why I'm not making much milk.

Mothers today have information overload. There are too many forums and webpages all telling you conflicting 'facts' and stating that their way is the only proper way to parent. I think it's important to switch off the computer and google search, and just ask your inner mothering instinct 'What will be best for my baby?'.

The answer for me? Wean. It is time.


  1. You need to be fit, well, rested and happy to be the best Mum you can be. Sometimes that might mean that enough is enough with the demands of feeding. He is on solids and appears to be a happy, thriving boy...where he gets his milk from at this point isn't going to make a difference. This I think I know from experience. I stressed my self to the max with Mim and fed for 12 weeks (which felt like an eternity) drinking potions and resting and we were all a lot happier when she was on the bottle. Having struggled with it the 1st time and having additional health issues when my son came along, I didn't even try. To be honest, I am so glad I didn't. He is happy, healthy, thriving and you cant pick him out of a Breast v Bottle line up!

    1. That's it! And clearly I wasn't in a shape to be feeding anymore. I started weaning cold turkey and my poor breasts didn't even notice... no side effects. I don't think Jack misses it at all either. I figure he wasn't being satisfied by the breast anymore so is much happier on the bottle! Right decision for me and my boy.