Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Single Parent Survival

It's been said before, but I gotta say it again: How do single parents manage? My husband has been overseas for work for two weeks now and we still have a week to go. His new job will be taking him on many business trips (lucky him) and it is my intention to not only survive these trips, but to thrive. The problem remains though, how on earth do you do it?

The day hubby left on his exciting trip I started getting flu symptoms (may have been the start of some mastitis - but that's another story) but of course I couldn't stop and rest and ended up getting bronchitis. It can generally be agreed that it takes the same energy to run a house for two adults and a baby as it does for one adult and a baby, except there is no one to share the work with. The same amount of dishes, the same amount of household tasks but the only time you have to achieve these jobs in when the baby is asleep.

I've been lucky enough to have my dad come and stay since the end of last week which has enabled me to have some sleep ins and to get on top of the house chores. But, how do single parents do it? I have one baby and my husband is away for three weeks. I can't begin to imagine how single mums do it 24/7 with more than one child.

So, I salute you single parents of the world, whether you be full time or part time as I find myself now. I hand it over to you, how does one thrive being a solo parent?

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