Monday, 4 February 2013

Tantrum Trauma

My baby is not old enough to throw a tantrum, though I'm sure I will witness many in the coming years, yet time again I'm hearing stories from my girlfriends of the most amazing displays of irrational meltdowns. We've all seen it, usually in the most public of places. Children are inconsolable, usually about the most mundane situation, and no matter what their desperate parents do they will not calm down.

I see various responses from parents, all with their respective psychological theory behind them. Some look embarrassed and try to shuffle the child quickly to the nearest escape route. Others just stand there calmly waiting for the child to regain composure. Then there's always a bit of bribery, time out or good old scolding to call back on as well. 

I guess the question I want to ask is, is it ok for strangers to interfere when an unknown child is chucking an all out fit? I say no. It's not. But sometimes you would just love to distract the child long enough to get the parent back in control. I'm a nice person, I just want to help. Ultimately it's not the 'nice' person who tries to help. It's the 'I know better than them' person and is anyone ever really going to snap a strange child out of a full on tantrum?

So tell me, what are your tantrum stories? Please share your tips on how to avoid all out, kicking and screaming fits.
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