Friday, 22 February 2013

Educational Toy Heaven

Up until now, I haven't publicly promoted a businesses on my blog, but last week I came across the most amazing store that I have to share the word. Unfortunately this information is only really relevant to Canberra residents but I know the store is working on the website.
'childplay toys' is hidden in a suburb of Canberra and I stumbled upon it when searching for a specific cotton needed to finish a quilt order. Turns out the cotton didn't match (different dye lot), but the potentially wasted trip was saved by the treasure trove next door. When I entered this unimposing store, I wished I was 10 again so I could play with all the wonderful toys. Wooden toys, puzzles, books and everything in between. The staff were amazingly warm and welcoming and baby Jack had a play in a designated area while I raided the shelves. I was able to browse at my leisure but was also offered suggestions on products which I ended up buying and encouraged to try new things. I only wish my husband had been with me so we could both act like children again. Maybe it's the point of having children, gives us an excuse to relive such wonderful parts of our youth.
About 20 minutes later I walked out with a bag full of goodies which included a birthday gift for one of my friends, bath toys and others for Jack, and some learning tools for my French teaching. What joy! Check them out - they put out regular updates on FaceBook but if you can make it to the store - do it!
Some of my loot!

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