Sunday, 20 January 2013

Silly season? I say productive season!

Lion Quilt Project
How on earth has it been the best part of two months since I wrote a blog post? Incredible. Moving states and having Christmas meant time has just melted away! We had a very quiet Christmas at home. I'm a bit of a Christmas grinch who had to go out and buy a Christmas tree because I was made to feel guilty I was robbing my child of his first Christmas. Whoops! Never the less, baby Jack was well spoilt and we enjoyed lots of family time at home. 

My main project leading up to Christmas was a quilt for my dear friend's son's 1st Birthday. After the success of my animal appliqué quilt for Jack, I chose a lion template and made a lovely play rug for the little boy. The border was two rows of 4" squares. I used a lovely green pattern for the backing and the bright quilt will be perfect for playing and napping. 

What not to do
Putting the pieces together
I was really happy with the finished product and used the machine embroidery attachment for my sewing machine to do the quilting on the patchwork. The pattern I chose were cute little lion/feline footprints. I learnt the hard way what not to do when using the machine to quilt though! The overhang of my backing fabric was tucked underneath and got stitched to my quilt! It is so difficult to unpick and I hate to admit that I did the same thing THREE times! Oh my! The appliqué used the same as technique as the farm animal quilt and I'm getting quite good at it. I blew up the lion template from A5 - A4 which made the tiny pieces a lot more manageable and a better size for this type of quilt.

I also made a lovely quilt label using the embroidery machine. You must always put a label of some type on your quilts. They are heir-looms and will often last longer than their maker. 
Putting the pieces together with the help of a light box.

Just today I finished the cousin of this lion quilt that had different patchwork around the border. Instead of the 4" squares I had one row of 6" squares made of two triangles - not sure what that's called. I also left more space around the lion itself for free motion quilting. Something I worked out long ago is that if you're going to the effort to make something - you might as well make two! So, I had already cut out the appliqué pieces and ironed on the applifix. This made the making of the second quilt a bit less painful in the early stages. I probably like this quilt better than the first one as the yellow fabric border lifts it a bit and I enjoyed doing some more free motion quilting around the lion. 
Progress shot for Lion Quilt 2
What projects did you get up to on the holidays? Was it a productive time for you?

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  1. Yes Little Mama it was a productive time for me. Any day without some kind of stitching is a bad day for me. I get twitchy to put it politely. I've been working on Gollyville 2, a challenging project but one that will last forever. I took time out to make a carry-on bag (beautiful fabric with over-the-top machine quilting), and a gypsy bag which I reduced the size of and restrained myself from quilting. I was really pleased with both items. By the way as you are into machine quilting, check out Theda Threads on-line. I've found them excellent and reasonably priced. Happy Stitching!