Saturday, 26 January 2013

One day = one new skirt

After doing so much quilting and intricate projects of late, I forgot how quick and satisfying dressmaking projects can be. At the Adelaide Quilting and Craft Fair last November I bought a wrap around skirt pattern ( and finally made it today. It was quite a simple pattern and so I started and finished it during Jack's naps. How wonderful! The skirt is completely reversible so it was basically like making two skirts and stitching them together.
I bought some matching fabrics at the Spotlight sale so the whole thing ended up costing about $20. Bargain! However, the rings that the ties go through cost $15 at the Quilting Fair - not a bargain. I reckon you'd be able to to get them cheaper somewhere else, or even make big button holes instead. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy they were to put on though, just snap the two parts together by hand.

As I was trying to complete this project on a budget, I found the most suitable cheaper fabrics, these ones were $8 per metre. However, if I had an endless budget I would've gone for a black backing fabric with a metallic asian print on the front. Great in theory but at $20 per metre it was a stretch.

What would you do to mix up this pattern? Do you think this is the sort of product people would like to buy online? How much would you pay for it?

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