Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Baby bibs - Appliqué with the Embroidery Machine

A couple of weeks ago I finally got up the courage to try appliqué with my machine embroidery unit. Turns out - it's really easy! The instructions on the emblibrary.com site are really simple to follow. All you need is a printer and some spray glue on top of your normal machine embroidery supplies. The simple process is as follows.
Appliqué using embroidery machine

  • Select and purchase a design. 
  • Print the DL template file and cut it out.
  • With a little bit of spray adhesive, stick some stabiliser to the appliqué fabric. 
  • Trace around the wrong side of the template onto the back of your chosen fabric. Cut it out.
  • Place chosen garment fabric into the embroidery machine. The first thing to be stitched is the outline.
  • With a little bit of spray adhesive, place your appliqué fabric exactly within this outline.
  • Complete the rest of the embroidery using your machine instructions.
I love this little monkey design. It goes so well with the backing fabric and really is a quick process. My motivation to appliqué the traditional way is waning! 

Inspired by the birth of a friends baby I got busy with making some bibs. The embroidery machine makes it so easy to personalise them and they make such a great, practical gift. 

Buy Monkey Bib Here.


Print the DL template onto thick paper so you can you use it again later.
Remember to cut out the template out reversed on the stabiliser so the good side of the pattern fabric is the right way around. 
Cut the appliqué fabric out a tiny bit smaller than the template.
Be careful with the overspray from the adhesive. I can't wash it off my cutting board!

What ideas do you have for a bib pattern? Let me know what to do next!

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