Thursday, 15 November 2012

Raggedy Farmyard Quilt - Part 1 Applique

At the Adelaide Quilting and Craft Fair in November 2011, I fell in love with the Raggedy Farmyard quilt pattern, as I was newly pregnant and thought it would be a wonderful thing for me to make for my then unborn child. Just over a year later - the project is well under way. The lovely Bev from The Craft Cubby in Victoria sold me the pattern and I love it so much that I bought the matching Jungle Animal quilt pattern this year. However, when I purchased the pattern, I didn't quite realise the level of work involved. I have been a sewer since I was a child, but making simple garments is nothing compared to the detail and skill required to do justice to such a lovely quilt. Never one to do things by halves, I jumped right in at the deep end.

Step 1 - Applique. Big Mama came over one day in October and gave me a crash course in Invisible Machine Applique and kept baby Jack company whilst I worked at the animals. It's basically like standard applique using applifix, but instead I used Floriani Stitch N Wash fusible.
Once all pieces are ironed on to the fabric, I cut about 1/8 inch around the shapes and used a normal glue stick to fold over the edges and pushed them down nice and sharp with a cuticle stick.

Once all pieces of an animal were completed, with a bit of help from a light-box and some Elmer's school glue, I put the shapes together to make some very cute looking, yet faceless, farm animals.
As this quilt has nine panels, this first stage took ages. The bigger pieces were quite easy, but the smaller ones were really tedious and my fingers would get covered in glue. It's really important to iron, between two ironing sheets, each individual applique piece and again once they're been put together to seal any glue. What makes this technique quite easy, is a bit of forward planning to ensure you DON'T fold over the edge when a piece will be under another. It only took one animal for me to get into the swing of things and I was on a roll after that.

Next step: Sewing it all together. Stand by!


  1. Well done Little Mama. You sure did jump in at the deep end, but it looks like you'll swim not sink.

  2. Glad you were able toto figure out t5ge easy way to applique!
    So much easier the way you did it. I usuallt use invisible thread, but word if caution, hot iron melts it.