Friday, 2 November 2012

Mummy Cuddles

Often, one of the most difficult adjustments for a new mum, is night feeds. A newborn can wake several times in the night and it can take many months for babies to learn to sleep through. To quote my husband, I 'don't handle being tired well'. So, the immense fatigue of early parenthood was something that hit me hard. Now, after just over four months, Jack is down to one night feed (two on a bad night or after an immunisation) and I have surprised even myself and have grown to really love that quiet time with my baby.

I call it 'Mummy Cuddles' and for me its one of the most special parts of my new life. During a night feed Jack will inevitably fall asleep, which can make trying to burp him quite difficult. So when I move him to my shoulder and he snuggles into my neck in a milk-drunk-middle-of-the-night-sleep, I am in heaven.

No matter what time it is, or how I'm feeling, one look at that sweet face, that never fails to be excited to see his mama, and my heart melts.

Tell me about your favourite Mummy Moment.

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