Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A happy baby???

I don't know what other mothers think, but from my perspective Jack has undergone the most profound developments in the last week or so. He's just over 4 1/2 months old and it's like he has found his voice. He giggles and talks like never before. I could have died with laughter last night listening to him having the most animated of conversations with Adam, Myf and Alan on the TV - or maybe it was the Spicks and Specks music that got him going.

Jack is not rolling over yet (we have not had a repeat appearance since the first roll three weeks ago) but since Monday, he has figured out how to move around. Whilst I was busy working on my last uni assignment for the semester (yay!), Jack was on his play mat by my desk. I turn around after a few minutes work to see him practically off his mat and onto the floor! Thank goodness it was so hot and there was no way he could get cold, but doesn't he just look so happy with himself!

On Monday night, I went into his room at about 9:30 to put his blanket on, only to find is head where his feet should have been. When did this happen? My baby has NEVER moved in his cot before. Then last night, after putting him to bed, I could hear on the baby monitor that he was at it again. What a cheeky monkey!! I think he has now found his new favourite bedtime game.

This morning has just been the icing on the cake though. At 6:30am, the beeper on the baby alarm goes off (I keep it on silent so as to only wake up when Jack really needs me). I jump out of bed, rush to Jacks room, then am stopped dead in my tracks at his door. He is laughing. Not just giggling but actually screeching with laughter. What a happy boy. Surely that means that this mama is doing an ok job???

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  1. Jack looks so happy. mumma and pappa are doing an amazing job.