Sunday, 1 July 2012

Little Mama is Home!

My baby's due date is today. 1st July. Yet, my beautiful baby Jack is 11 days days old and we have been home from hospital since Tuesday. I presume that information itself explains why there have been no blog posts for some time. But for those of you who have never been pregnant, the last weeks and days passed by irrationally fast where all my energy went into battling fatigue and trying to complete small tasks around the house. What I did manage to do was finish the fandango quilt (pictures to follow in subsequent post) and do lots and lots of baking. Maybe the baking comes under the 'nesting' tag but it could also be that I love to have a nice piece of cake with my morning coffee! My advice to pregnant women is, plan to have everything important completed by 38 weeks. When I got home from hospital with the new baby, there was still a list of unfinished jobs on my kitchen bench titled '39th Week Jobs' - Hah, fat chance!

Following several nights of tummy pains which I quite successfully managed to ignore, my waters broke in bed at 4:00 Tuesday morning following a sharp cramp in the lower abdomen. My husband and I jumped into action and despite the shock and hollywood moment of waking him up with the yell of 'My waters have broken!', we couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces. We were finally here. It was time to meet our baby and we were both super excited. After a quick call to the hospital, it was advised that we come straight in as my baby was in breech presentation and the membrane had ruptured. I jumped in the shower and then the real contractions started. Before long they were approximately 3-4 minutes apart and irregular but growing with intensity. Once at the hospital, Tim and I found our preparations meant we were well equipped to deal with the contractions. Our potentially long day of labour turned out to only last three hours as a prolapsed umbilical cord meant I had an emergency cesarean under general anaesthetic. The risk of a prolapsed umbilical cord is that the baby's supply of oxygen is cut off resulting in foetal death. I was therefore very happy to be rushed to theatre and to have the baby delivered safely. At 6:55am on Wednesday 20th June, Jack was safely delivered into the world. 

That first day was a bit of a write off for me as I was quite affected by morphine, was bedridden from the surgery and Jack spent a few days in the nursery due to some issues with low blood sugar. As we both recovered we were able to bond and I will never forget the angry look of determination he got in his face whilst trying to latch on to my breast. Despite a less than standard start to life, Jack came out fighting and his excellent feeding ability has meant one less stress for his mother.

Since coming home last Tuesday, we have been enjoying getting to know each other. Jack has continued to be a good feeder and a good sleeper most of the time, except for in the evenings when his parents want to go to bed. Luckily Tim has two weeks paternity leave so we've been able to learn together and support each other in 'feeling the way'. He goes back to work this Wednesday which will be interesting. It's also my first post natal checkup for Jack so I really must get a proper nappy bag packed.

The first week and a half of motherhood has been tough for many reasons, but there hasn't been a moment where I couldn't look at my son and be so proud of all my little family has achieved. I'm already learning to function on less sleep but am externally grateful for such strong spousal support, particularly with the immense amount of washing we have discovered a baby churns through.

From here, I hope to keep you entertained with the novelties of being a Little Mama as we adjust to life as a threesome. I can't finish this post though, without thanking all our beautiful friends and family for their gifts, visits and offers of ongoing support. I especially must thank my mother who has a constant source of practical support who never seems harassed by my sometimes frequent phone calls and hormonal irrationalities! XXX

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  1. Well done Little Mama. Jack is a lucky little man to have you for a mum. The milk bar never closes and he feels safe and secure in your arms.