Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Two Months till Baby

1st of May and it’s beautiful and rainy - perfect soup weather. It’s also two months to go until this darling baby is due to be born. Now that I’m down to the business end, so to speak, I have started to ponder ‘Can anyone every really be ready for their first baby?’. And what does it mean to be ‘ready’? I’ve read a few books and done ante-natal classes but I don’t think anyone can actually be fully prepared for a baby when they have no idea of the character, habits etc of their particular child. I feel good. I’ve been eating well and exercising in preparation for labour but I definitely don’t have the nursery set-up; that would be a little too keen don’t you think? I guess all one can do is make sure they have a cot, clothes (or too many in my case) and a bunch of nappies. Check, check, check. 
What are your tips for these final weeks sans baby? I’d love to hear how I could best be using my time from all your experienced mothers. 


  1. As an inexperienced Father ....my suggestion ... just enjoy it. It's a great time for both parents, a time of curiosity, expectancy(ouch!), a little anxiety and probably a fair bit of impatience. But the greatest sense is the knowledge that you're about to commence a significant adventure together ... and where that adventure might lead, nobody really knows. That's the beauty of it ! .... Steve

  2. ...mmmm let me see. for the next 2 months enjoy your husband's company, the spontaneity of outings, your clean house, the quiet, the sleep ins.
    when bubby comes it may not have read the same baby book as you. Baby won't care if the house is messy, your hair unwashed or whether you've slept. It only cares if it is loved, fed, comforted, and the center of your world and sometimes your bed. :-)so go with the flow. My best bit of practical advice is to always carry a clean set of clothes for baby AND YOU. Many a time my little one was cleaned up/fed/dry/changed while I was left covered in dried vomit and other unidentifiable stains. if all else fail. send 'em to Granny :-)

  3. Beverly, I couldn't have said it better! The one thing we didn't do pre-baby was go to as many movies as possible! It's amazing how something as simple as that is so difficult after bubs :)