Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums and particularly the mumsto-be out there. As much as I don't qualify for today's festivities, I was well and truly spoilt yesterday at my baby shower. A wonderful group of ladies joined me for afternoon tea and offered not only excellent advice for the future, but provided me with a plethora of useful gifts for this baby. A big thank you to my Mum for hosting the party. It was an enormous effort for her and no detail was too small for her attention. From personalised name tags, to delicious herb and cheese scones, she outdid herself as a gracious hostess.

My contribution to the festivities was baking lots of yummy sweets to go with the coffee - hence no blog entries last week. The most popular sweet treat was the Berry and White Chocolate Muffins I made.
I got the recipe from the Cadbury website, but couldn't buy frozen cherries hence the mixed berries.

After a neat 10 hours sleep last night, I'm feeling much recovered from the party. I have been tired lately but I think that's a combination of being pregnant and doing too much. Common advice has been to rest, do nothing, put my feet up etc. This, I now intend to follow as much as I can. I've also noted a massive increase in appetite over the last couple of week. I presume this is related to some sort of baby growth spurt. It's normal right? But then again what is normal when pregnancy is involved!

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