Thursday, 26 April 2012

Project 1 - Fandango Quilt

Having never made a quilt before, I wanted to start on something fairly simple. I found the Moda Fandango quilt pattern (download here) and selected the Prairie Paisley fabric. I only want a knee rug, so am using 5" squares rather than the 10" in the pattern. I'll also be making it 8 x 8 'squares', keeping the project a manageable size. I found the website a well priced option with quick, cheap postage to Australia.

First step was to make the pre-cut squares into composites of two triangles using the following steps.

  1. Match fabrics according to colour and pattern. i.e. light with dark, big with small.
  2. Mark the centre diagonal using an invisible pen (one that disappears over a couple of days).
  3. Stitch 1/4 inch either side of the ruled line - right sides together. I found 2mm stitch best. A 1/4 inch foot for the sewing machine was also very helpful.
  4. Cut down the centre line to create two composite squares. A roller blade made this much quicker.
  5. Press seams open - don't use steam.
Now, I need to decide how to put all my composite squares together.
Here is a sample I've laid out on my cutting board.

ADVICE NEEDED: How should I put the composite squares (there are 64) together? Make patterns as in the above picture? Or keep it random?


  • Pre-cut squares save so much time.
  • Measurements must be spot on.
  • Roller blade cutters are very unforgiving with errors. 

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  1. Good for you Little Mama. It beats sitting around eating Tim Tams all day.